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The Acuerate cue has been designed to reduce the throw off of the cue ball to a minimum whilst allowing you to generate more spin, when necessary
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Specialist cue makers to the professionals for 20 years
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We are manufacturers of high quality hand-spliced and machine-spliced snooker cues. We can tailor cues to your exact specifications in terms of length, weight, taper and tip size. Martin has played snooker to a high level for many years and so he has an insight into what makes a good cue from a player's point of view
[Besøgt: 381|Tilføjet: 31 Oct 05 @ 22:38:01] Poor Send information om Dødt Link
Live opdatering fra turneringer - dansk side!rnRigtig god side om snooker
[Besøgt: 745|Tilføjet: 23 Oct 05 @ 22:34:48] Good Send information om Dødt Link
Mike Wooldridge Cues
Mike Wooldridge Cuesrnhandmade cues
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Parris Cues
In creating a Parris Cue, John Parris ensures that every one is made from the finest materials available. rnrnThe shafts are of the highest quality straight grained mature ash and maple. These are hand picked and examined at every stage of manufacture, and any shafts not up to our high standards are rejected. John feels that the shaft is the most important part of the cue and must have the correct feel and rigidity so it will be able to perform the full range of shots expected of a John Parris creatio
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Velkommen til - en portal der gerne skulle blomstre, ved hj?lp af bes?gendes nysgerrighed efter aspekter af snooker spillet.rnMit store h?b er, at DU stiller sp?rgsm?l til hvad som helst vedr?rende snooker - bliver det en succes kan det v?re siden bliver udvidet til at omhandle; pool, 9 ball, keglebillard og karambole
[Besøgt: 633|Tilføjet: 23 Oct 05 @ 22:33:09] Very Good Send information om Dødt Link
This is the place to come to purchase everything you will need to play the game of 8-Ball pool. We hold large stocks of cues, cases, tables, balls, tips, chalk and many other 'essential' items and most orders are dispatched immediately
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